What Our Clients Say!


"My pets loved them!"

"Critter Sitters takes great care of our dear Benten (dog) when we are away - walks, food and water refreshes, "lovin'" and tucking him in for the night. We really like the update provided after each visit - complete with a picture! When we come home, he is happy to see us but we also can tell that he's had loving care."

-Craig & Lynette-

"We can rest easy."

"Before discovering Critter Sitters we booked our vacations with hesitancy and dread. Now days, we can rest easy and enjoy our jaunts. We know that upon our return are critters will be happy, well fed and safe within our home. Thank you Sam, Sarah and the rest of the Critter Sitter team for providing a superior level of service and care!"


"They truly love what they do!"

"Loved using Critter Sitters. Not only were my dogs taken care of but the house was too! They were on top of everything and sent me texts to let me know everything was ok while I was away! My puppy is only a few months old and didn't miss a beat with his potty training! What a great service they offer. From the notes they left behind I could tell they took good care of the pups and they truly love what they do!"


"They have become a part of our family!"

"Critter Sitters has been taking care of our dog for over seven years and they have become a part of our family. They are honest, reliable and very dog-savvy. Our dog is nearly 15 years old and Critter Sitters has seen him through quite a few stubborn streaks, a serious illness and now into his deaf old age. They are very in tune with our dog, and we can always tell from his attitude and bounce when we return home that he enjoyed a visit from Critter Sitters that day."


"They make it so easy."

"We have been using Critter Sitters for over a year. We used to kennel our dogs, a weimarener and german shepherd, never will we kennel after our wonderful experience with Critter Sitters. I never worry about them when we are gone. They make it so easy and convenient to arrange services and pay online. I would recommend Critter Sitters to anyone with pets. Thank you, Critter Sitters."