Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I trust you are honest and will provide the services you promise?​
A: We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If we do not do what we promise, we will provide a full refund for our services.

Q: How do your services work?
A: We service Lexington, Kentucky with In-Home Pet Sitting, Daily Dog Walks & Custom Cat & Chicken Care.  We visit our Client's home and follow their routines to maximize pet happiness and maintain the routines of the home.  Every house is customized to the specifications of each Client, based on their pet and home routines and needs. 

Q: Do you medicate my pets if needed during your visit?
A: Yes, we administer medication.  When medicating pets, we need to know dosage, times to administer and any precautions or tips on how your pet receives and reacts to the process and medicine itself.  We cannot provide services to pets who hide or become aggressive. 

Q: Do you stay overnight?
A: For established clients only.

Q:  How do I know you completed your visits?
A:  We are GPS tracked and send an electronic Visit Report Card with a photo that documents the visit from start to finish at the completion of each visit. 

Q: How do I get my key/garage door opener upon return?  
A: You can keep a key on file for future use, we can mail it back to you or you can pick the key or opener up from our home office.  We do NOT leave keys outdoors at your property due to insurance liabilities.  

Q: Do you charge extra for walks with my dogs?
A: No.  We allow you to decide the routine of the visits.  Some clients need slow walks, some need fast.  Others need backyard visits and others need a potty break with playtime.  When scheduled to walk, we typically walk for 20 minutes.

Q: Do you charge extra for multiple animals?
A: No.  We charge based on time, not per animal. 

Q: Can I contact you while I'm away to check on my pets?
A:  We provide many points of contact during the consultation, and we are always reachable.   If you call and we do not answer, we are either out on a walk, with a client or unavailable at that moment.  Leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we are available.

Q: Do you take credit/debit cards?
A: Yes.  We send an invoice with a link to pay by bank transfer, debit card, credit card, apple pay or with PayPal. 

Q: How early can you come to visit? how late can you come to visit?
A: Visits are Daily between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  

Q: Why do I need to complete a consultation?
A: It allows us to develop a relationship with you and your pets.  We want to see routines, familiarize ourselves with pet behaviors,  locate all the essentials needed, and obtain a key for entry while you are away.  During the consultation, we also complete paperwork and build a pet profile so your future reservations are consistent and seamless. We reserve the right to deny service if a situation is not safe for our sitters, which includes excessive smokers. 

Q: Are All Critter sitters insured and bonded?
A: Yes.  All Critter Sitters of Lexington Pet Sitters are insured and bonded.  Please check out our Pet Sitter biographies on each
Critter Sitter. Each sitter also undergoes a full criminal background check before employment.  We have all employees, no Independent Contractors.

Q: How many times a day will you visit?
A: Each Client decides how many visits are needed per day.  Visit schedules are customized to your pets routines.  If you schedule visits based on your normal routine, the transition is less stressful for your pet(s).  

Q: Do you have any breed restrictions?
A: No.  We do not service territorially aggressive animals that have been known to attack or bite visitors to their home.

Q: Do my pets need to be vaccinated?
A:  Yes, unless there is a medical reason not to vaccinate. 

Q: I just moved to town and don't have a Veterinarian.  Do I need to have a Veterinarian before you will provide services?
A: We understand picking the right Veterinarian is a process.  When you find the right Vet for your family, notify us so we can update your records.  We use your current Veterinarian information for Emergencies.