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Critter Sitters of Lexington Inc.

Locally-Owned & Operated Dog Walks, CAT CARE & Pet Sitting SERVICES

Locally-Owned & Operated Dog Walks, CAT CARE & Pet Sitting SERVICES

Locally-Owned & Operated Dog Walks, CAT CARE & Pet Sitting SERVICES Locally-Owned & Operated Dog Walks, CAT CARE & Pet Sitting SERVICES


Samantha M

Sam is the Co-Owner of Critter Sitters. She has helped build strong long lasting relationships through compassionate care, having fun, and an eye for detail.  She is very connected to her pets and her clients, and meets every client for a new client consultation. She ensures the delivery of customized services and has a passion for providing the best services, the type of service she would want to receive for her very own pets. 

What I enjoy most about being a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker:

I love the long term relationships and the quality of services we provide.  We have wonderful Clients who share their pets lives with us, and that is the biggest reward.  I love being out in the visits and getting to bond with so many pets. As a nurturer, I enjoy providing care and comfort, and also care and comfort for our humans who are typically nervous or worried about their furry family members while they are away. 

My Funniest Pet Moment: 
One of my funniest pet sitting moments happened while walking a dog named Hopey. I was walking on a very hot day in May in a neighborhood with an elementary school.  I heard school kids playing in the schoolyard and everyday during our afternoon walks, there was a distant noise of balls being kicked and kids playing.  As Hopey and I were routinely strolling along thru the field of this church/school, this huge water balloon pelts me in my leg.  It really hurt - it left a huge bruise! I look over towards the direction the water balloon came from to learn it was the school teacher who pelted me in front of his class of elementary kids!

What do animals teach us: 
In working with so many breeds and bonding with not only dogs, but so so many cats, I have learned they all have the right to a balanced and fair life.  No breed should be discriminated against, and every pet I have cared for has an innocence I have yet to find in humans.  They are reliant on our human efforts and behaviors and Critter Sitters allows me to feel fulfilled in giving back to creatures who rely so heavily on our love and compassion. They have taught me that my life would be empty without them.

Experience with "special needs" pets: 
We help in many special needs situations - most special needs pets do much better in their own homes and routines.  Our pets are treated like humans here at Critter Sitters - we provide quality care and comfort from young pups and kittens to the last stages of life.  I have cared for elderly pets, blind, deaf, pets with 3 legs, and pets with a number of medical conditions.  My special needs pets hold a special place in my heart.