Daily Dog Walker

Zach P.

Pets in my life or my pets or childhood pets:  

Gogo Juice (French Bulldog), Farley (French Bulldog), and Pickle Rick (English Bulldog).

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker: 

All animals, all day. Awesome

My funniest pet moment:  

The bulldog greeting. Anytime a bulldog is loved on or happy, they will lean in and 'sneeze' to show their appreciation.

What do animals teach us: 

Unselfish love.

Experience with "special needs" pets:

My English Bulldog Boss Hogg, who died two years ago, spent the last six months of his life needing countless medications administered several times a day (baby food is the secret), many many visits to the cardiologist or middle of the night ER visits, and one scary drive to Cincy with oxygen administered the whole ride, and constant monitoring that he was having the best quality of life he could have. With my father being a veterinarian, we always had multiple dogs living in the house needing insulin, pills, etc.