Communications and Field Manager

Suka A.

Pets in my life or my pets or childhood pets: My first pet was a dog and his name was Mickey. We grow up together and he brought me joy for 13 years. I grew up in a farm surrounded by all kinds of animals. I currently have two dogs named Bear and Bella. I also have a Calico kitty cat named Penelope. They are my joy and I would not know what to do without them.

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker: What I enjoy most is that each pet has a different personality and they will show you what they feel and how happy they are to see you. I love to be around them and spend time outside walking or playing together.

My funniest pet moment: Every time that I get ready to bath my dogs, they jump on the bed and just stare at me with pitiful eyes. So, every time I ask: Who is going first? Bear will quickly touch Bella’s back with his paw to let me know that she is going first, sometimes the technique works; sometimes he is the first one!

What animals teach us: They teach us how love is pure. They do not need fancy houses or huge backyards to live, they are grateful for what they have and they will be loyal and will love you no matter what happens.

Experience with “special needs” pets: Bear is scared of everything and he suffers from severe anxiety.