Daily Dog Walker

Sue Beth P.

Pets in my life or childhood pets:
I've always had dogs my life, but none as special to me as my Yorkie, Candy. She was a Christmas surprise when I was 12 and lived to be a part of my wedding.

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker: 

Every day is different and we are helping humans care for their fur babies.

My funniest pet moment: 

I made a special strawberry cake for Christmas and left it on the counter. My border collie, Holly, pulled it off and ate the whole thing!

What do animals teach us: 

They teach us unconditional love and acceptance. Their hearts are 100% pure.

Experience with "special needs" pets:

My golden retriever, Molly, became ill with cancer and became a special needs girl. Her big old heart wouldn't give up and she lived two more years.