Night/Weekend Pet Sitter


Sophie K.

Pets in my life or my pets or childhood pets:

I've always had animals in my life since I was 2. Currently, I have my best friend, Puggy and two cats. My dog is a puggle so she's a pug and beagle mix. I have one great tabby cat and the other is an all white odd-eyed kitty.

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker:

I am excited to be a part of the routine of these pets. It's not every day that some animals get to see a happy human ready to walk them and give them a treat.

My funniest pet moment:

For days we thought the cupboard above the fridge was haunted. It would open and shut by itself. One day we were looking for our cat, who had been a little too quiet that day. We thought we had looked everywhere until we decided to look in the haunted cupboard. There he was, our cat, looking like we just interrupted his deepest sleep. It is still his favorite spot.

What do animals teach us:

Animals teach us patience, kindness, and love. If I didnt have animals growing up I dont think I would be as responsible as I am now. Animals demand our attention and it's a passion of mine to give it to them.