Overnight Pet Sitter

Shelly S.

Pets in My Life or My Pets or Childhood Pets: 

Currently I have German Shepherd and Appaloosa gelding. I had three child hood dogs named Lucy, Sox and Bosco. I have had 3 Beagles and a Corgi over the last 30 years.

What I enjoy most about being a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker:

I like being out in the fresh air and my daily interactions with all the great pets we get to look after.

My Funniest Pet Moment:

Watching my dog Boone discover snow for the first time this year. I loved watching him push his nose through it and then leaping into the air.

Experience with "special needs" pets:

It seems all my pets become special needs as they age. I have cared for old dogs and old horses as well as new born foals.