Pet Sitter

Sarah C.

Pets in My Life or My Pets or Childhood Pets? 
I had a dog and two cats growing up: Mischief a black lab/pit mix, Sadie a tuxedo cat, and Earl Grey a long haired blue/grey cat (Earl is still kicking).

Currently – I adopted a cat in February 2019, Arnold Palmer (4yo), a sweet one-eyed orange tabby cat who is a foster failure. I also work around a barn full of horses and am always playing with a dear friend’s dogs, Charlie a Parson Russel Terrier and Tilly a German Wirehaired Pointer, whom I love dearly.

What I Enjoy Most About Being a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker: 

Meeting different animals and being able to interact with a variety of breeds that I may not normally get to encounter. As well as being able to keep myself and the animal active.

My Funniest Pet Moment: 
I was watching my boss’s dog in my apartment and my cat decided that the dog’s crate and bed belonged to him and would refuse to get up whenever the dog wanted to lie down. They eventually came to a truce and shared the small dog bed

What Animals Teach Us:
To keep moving on and find the happy moment in life, let all other stresses roll off your back

Experience with "Special Needs" Pets:
I have experience providing medication and medical care to large and small animals, and have worked with socializing cats and dogs to other animals and other people