Night/Weekend Pet Sitter


Kailey J.

College Degree or Extended Education: 

I am currently getting my degree at the University of Kentucky for Natural Resources and Environmental Science with a minor in Wildlife Biology and Management.

Pets in my life or my pets or childhood pets:

I currently have a 2 year old rabbit named Han "Scruffy" Solo, a 1 year old rabbit named Delilah Blue, and a 8 year old bearded dragon named Flynn. I grew up on a farm where we had dogs, cats, cattle, horses, hogs, goats, and a variety of fowl species!

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker:

I enjoy the fact that there is never a bad day when you are working with animals. Any negative energy just goes out the door and you are filled with love from an enthusiastic dog or cuddly cat.

My funniest pet moment:

When I was in high school I used to walk two Great Danes at the same time and while I was walking them at the park there was a little girl who asked me why I had two ponies at the park.

What do animals teach us:

Animals teach us compassion and the real meaning of undying love. They teach us that there are many ways to be loved and helped emotionally that you don't find with human interaction.

Experience with "special needs" pets:

My family farm takes in a lot of rescue animals that suffer from physical deformities, behavioral or emotional issues, or were abused. Taking in these animals has helped me learn to read an animal for nonverbal cues along with give proper medications on a tight schedule.