Daily Dog Walker

Josh W.

Pets in My Life or My Pets or Childhood Pets?:

I have a 9 year old golden/border named Elvis that I have known since 2 days after he was born. He is my best pal in the world and we have done it all together

 I also have a 2 year old mystery breed named Dashi that is 29 pounds of pure loving affection

What I enjoy most about being a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker: 

My favorite thing about being a sitter/Walker is the animals! I love spending time with our furry friends of smaller stature. And learning how to work with animals of all dispositions and temperaments is a very rewarding challenge

My Funniest Pet Moment:

My funniest pet moment was when my dog Elvis was about 5 months old. He had been in my care since 8 weeks and we had been diligently working on obedience training daily. It really wasn't that much work though because he had such a desire to please and was generally attentive from the start. Anyway, my roommates and I had decided to have a potluck at our house and invited about 10 people over. Everything was great and Elvis was very excited. Not only to meet so many new people, but to smell so many new foods! We sat all the food on the large kitchen table and everyone filled a plate. We all ate in a separate room so that there was enough space for everyone to sit. As soon as the first person went back for seconds I heard the gasp. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen I saw elvis standing dead center of the kitchen table feasting to his hearts content on all the food that our guests had brought. I was upset at first, but something so absurd can't make you stay that way for long. I picked him up and placed him back on the floor, shook my finger at him and dialed the number for pizza delivery..........

What animals teach us:

Animals teach us deep and abiding love and care. We need them as much as they need us.