Night/Weekend Pet Sitter

Jill A

College Degree or Extended Education

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. 

Pets in my life or my pets or childhood pets: 

I have owned cats and dogs for most of my life. Right now I have a dog named Mollie. 

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker:

I love seeing all the different personalities of the animals and how they are so excited to see you. I also like that it keeps me active. 

My funniest pet moment:

My dog one time woke me up by peeing on my head. 

What do animals teach us:

Unconditional love. Animals do not judge, they love you for exactly who you are. 

Experience with "special needs" pets:

My neighborhood dog had terrible arthritis in his hips so we always had to help him up. I've also had a mute and deaf cat.