Ellie B.


Ellie B.

I Currently have three pets: Dallas, Linda and Psy. Dallas is a six year old mastiff mix, Linda is a 3 year old tabby and Psy is a 4 year old tabby. I also love to foster kittens and try to do as much as I can.

What I enjoy most about being a dog walker is the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful animals as well as learn about their lives and personalities.

My funniest pet moment:

 My cat Linda absolutely loves to socialize and be outdoors. I often take her with me to car shows or to the park or on hikes with Dallas and I. It is always hilarious to see people’s reactions to seeing a cat on a leash, also a great conversation starter. 

Animals teach us many things. They teach us patience and how to live in the moment. In addition, they teach us about unconditional love and affection. Overall, I believe that animals teach us to be better. 

Special needs pet experience; 

When I first brought Dallas home, I quickly realized that he did not get along with most dogs. He was fearful and seemed to experience severe anxiety in their presence. Since that discovery, we have been meticulously working on overcoming this hurdle.