Pet Sitter

Darcie C.

Pets in My Life or My Pets or Childhood Pets?
Currently I have Bailey who is a 5 year old Black Labrador and Schiloh who is a 3 year old German Shepherd. My first dog was a pond puppy names Hallie who was 1/2 Collie 1/2 German Shepherd and was too smart for her own good. Then I got Scheffer who was a full blooded German Shepherd who I had for 13+ years and Scheyenne my other German Shepherd who I had for 10 years. I have had Tom cats,and a Maine Coon. Amazon parrot for 13 years, fish rabbits, and finches.

What I enjoy most about being a Pet Sitter / Dog Walker:
The clients are always thrilled to see you and it doesn't feel like a "job". I have loved animals my entire life and enjoy all breed, types etc.

My Funniest Pet Moment:
I was camping once with Scheffer and Scheyenne. After a full day of hiking, swimming and being outdoors, Scheyenne decided to go to bed in the tent on her queen size blow up mattress, still hooked up to her tether. She was out like a light!

What animals teach us:
Compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, trust, I could go on and on.

Experience with "special needs" pets:
Several of my good friends have special needs pets, from seizures to separation anxiety. When I care for them I always take those needs to heart and read what the pet is telling me at that moment.