Night/Weekend Pet Sitter

Brooke R.

Pets in my life

Currently have Bjorn (7 y/o Mastiff Mix), Fawny (9 y/o English Bull Terrier) and Steve (7month old American Bully). Have owned cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles and chickens in the past. Also worked at an Emergency Animal Hospital previously and my patients may have well of been my own pets- I loved them that much.

What I enjoy most about being a pet sitter/dog walker: 

Meeting different pets- just like humans they have their own unique personality and life story- I can still learn from them.

My funniest pet moment: 

While teaching Steve the "place" command, we taught him to get up on things- I have now caught him (on his own accord) on the cooler, toilet and other random places. 

What do animals teach us: To be joyful. Life is great- just ask your pet.

Experience with "special needs" pets: 

I have worked at an Emergency Veterinary Hospital and several other pet hospitals so I have extensive experience with pets who need medication (including insulin), special feeding routines, assistance with mobility, behavior issues etc.