MAKE A RESERVATION (established clients)!

Please fill out a Reservation Request!  THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF SERVICES.

Reservations with less than a 24-Hour Notice have a Late Reservation fee of $10 to cover the preparation, setup and rerouting of Sitters to accommodate  pet visit schedules.

​PRIOR to our start of your next reservation, it is pivotal you make UPDATES within your Time to Pet account (e.g.: your pet’s food & medication routines, pet location, walking apparatus, locations of supplies, etc). This minimizes confusion and mistakes, and keeps us up to date. Lengthy onsite instructions or updates takes time away from your pet, can be overlooked, illegible and contradictory to what we have on file. 


**If you have not set up your Time to Pet account yet, complete the following steps to register your account.

- Click on Request a Reservation below.
- Enter your email address, and leave the password field BLANK. 
- In the top right corner of that box, click Activiate Account.  

This will sign you into your account, where you will be able to request services and make all updates to your account.**