Pet Sitter

Ashtin T.

Pets in My Life, My Pets, or Childhood Pets? 
I currently have two kitties - a Russian Blue named Blue and a black/white feline friend named Ava.

What I Enjoy the Most About Being a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: 

Establishing relationships with new dogs and cats. They love unconditionally, and sometimes that is great "therapy."

My Funniest Pet Moment: 
My cat was accidentally locked in a closet without my knowledge. He tore a hole in the wall and climbed into my neighbor's living room. I knocked on the door to ask if they had seen him, and they answered the door holding him. Needless to say, he had a fun little day at the neighbor's.

What Animals Teach Us:
Animals teach us to love one another and to not take everything so seriously.

Experience with "Special Needs" Pets:
I have experience with a diabetic cat and a dog with severe anxiety.